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The story behind the demo is about a young man named Seno who got kidnapped by an evil shaman. Seno needs to escape immediately from the shaman’s house. For the duration and difficulty of the play, it can be determined by playing our demo that you can download from the links below.

On Sandera: Redemption, you play as a young man named Seno who was kidnapped to be used as a human sacrifice to a demon. You must then, as Seno go out from the evil shaman’s house. You need to escape this house and free yourself from this misfortune situation. But unfortunately, you don’t know where exactly you are. The challenge doesn’t end there. The real threat happens after you managed to run from the shaman’s grasp. You must gather all of your items before you can get off from the area.

Install instructions

You only need to extract the .rar file after downloading, and Sandera: Redemption DEMO is ready to be played.


SanderaRedemptionDemo.rar 114 MB
SanderaRedemptionDemo_Linux.rar 120 MB
SanderaRedemptionDemo_Mac.rar 118 MB


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Installation error on Linux

hallo, bisa minta kontak yang bisa di hubungi. terimakasih

Played it and very excited in this game!

played your game in an indie romp, Looks like you've got potential so keep it up

your game starts at 7:00

Game looks good so far!  I enjoyed trying out the demo! 

i couldnt get the combination to continue the game sadly, otherwise pretty nice game!

i can't believe the last jump scare got me, hah, keepup the good work!

I totally freaked at the closet, didn't expect that. The shaman needs a bit of work, the first jumpscare of him was good and got me a little bit, the second one not so much as it broke the emersion a bit. I do look forward to full game to see what you changed. I added it to one of my 2 for 1 horror videos. There's a note at the end of the Sandera Redemption part. It's the first game in the video!

I loved this game, for all the wrong and right reasons. The closet legit freaked me out because it came so suddently, but the later jumpscares really need some retooling. Stealing the camera to show a scare isn't as effective as it just happening, and I went over a few other areas I feel could use some work. Looking forward to an updated demo and the full version, hope you enjoy my video.

Really good, really short demo! Had a blast with it and can't wait to play the full version! Awesome work! 

SKIP TO 6:34!!!

Nice job! I can see someone likes to play RE also :), Overall I had a fun time playing it! Looking forward to more.

Played this for a random free indie horror. Gotta say, the demo really didn't impress me all that much. Waaaay too dark with a lack of a brightness slider. Mouse smoothing is horrendously overbearing. No options menu in general. Objectives are a slightly obscure. No mouse lock when examining items (Kept clicking out of the game). Wasn't really as scary as i was hoping for. Overall, I give this demo a 6.9 out of 10. Definitely could use some TLC and address some of the things mentioned above. You can watch my full playthrough as well as hear my in-depth review at the end of my video below. 

This game has some great atmosphere. The color scheme gives it a very grimey, run down look, perfect for a horror game. One thing I will say, the camera feels a bit floaty, though I'm not sure if that's by design, if not it feels kind of weird. Other thank that I had a good time, thank you for the demo, and good luck!

I really liked this! I think it has a really eriee atmosphere, I can almost imagine a full story, I look forward to seeing the full game! 😀

Fun little game...

My channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

German Gameplay, have a look guys. Deutsches angezockt, schaut mal rein Leute :)

Nice vid! Thanks for playing the demo! Keep it up

let me know if gives something new, i would like to make a bigger lets play from the game ;)

Creepy game. The atmosphere is really scary, and it has a nice buildup.

Love the reaction XD! Thanks for playing our demo! Keep supporting us


XD XD Thanks for playing the demo

Really liked this game but the jumpscares where very bad sorry just my opinion but love to see this finished

We think so, the jumpscare is a bit awkward XD! We'll do our best to make better jumpscares in the final release. Keep supporting us!

Thanks for playing our demo!

No worries love the atmosphere of the game keep it up.

No worries love the atmosphere of the game keep it up.

Keep it up developers

Thanks for trying out our demo

I enjoyed the demo. Ran fine on my Linux system. I will pledge money to the Indiegogo campaign as soon as I have it. I would love a DRM free option here on itch.io instead of a Steam copy but that's not a dealbreaker.


Thanks for your kind words! Absolutely, you can get the DRM-free release! Keep supporting us :)

Hello! Loved that creepy atmosphere with the crickets singing in the background haha! 

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Really good atmosphere! Hope to get more!

Nice video, bro! You deserve more subscribers. Thank you for playing our demo!

Not bad! MY only real issue was the communication of how the lock worked, but other than that you really nailed the exploration and atmosphere! Well done!


Thanks! We will make it better, as better as we can in the future release! Anyway, great video.

Got to play and make a video, I like the idea. I hope there will be more interactivity in the full release. :)


Wow that's awesome! Great video too! Thanks for your suggestion, that's useful for the development.